Buy a Strip Club

How to buy a strip club for sale.

After providing proof of funds and signing our business broker agreement you will submit an offer to purchase the business and land if its included in the sale. Your offer will be contingent upon your physical inspection of the club, your inspection of the financial records, the assignment of the premises lease or negotiation of a new lease and any other necessary contingencies (i.e. alcohol license transfer or other special licenses, financing, etc).

strip club realty agents will present your offer to the seller. We give the seller background information on you, your previous experience, your perspective on how you arrived at your price, terms and conditions, etc. We also present your financial statement, credit report, resume and business plan.

the club owners will either accept, reject or counter your offer. You will then have the option to either accept, reject or counter the seller's response.

When all parties are in agreement to all of the terms and conditions of the sale and sign all amendments and counteroffers, the offer then becomes a purchase agreement signed both ways. At this time there may be contingencies or conditions that still need to be satisfied prior to closing.