Buy Strip Club Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a broker to buy a club?
Our broker service will save time and money. The seller pays for our Buy Strip Club broker service fees. Our strip club realty team will then learn which clubs are available in your price range. Our agents know the seller's needs and what your requirements are.
How much down payment will I need?
The amount of down payment varies depending upon the amount of hard assets included, the seller's situation and your liquidity. Buying any business is actually very down payment-driven. Naturally, the amount of money you have for down payment determines the size of business you can purchase. Typically, the more cash you can offer a seller, the lower the sale price of the business.
What are some of the things to consider when buying a club?
The main thing to consider is whether or not club is a perfect fit for you. Additional considerations are financing, down payment, location and the owner's true discretionary income. What support will your suppliers give you? Can you improve the business? What can you do that the seller is not doing? What is your competition?
How do I make an offer to a strip club I like?
Together with your Strip Club Realtor, you can make offers at a price with which you are comfortable. This allows room for negotiations. You will have time to do your due diligence to fully verify it to your satisfaction before any closing takes place. This is done by the addition of contingencies and conditions to the offer to purchase. Your realtor will suggest several to you that will protect your interests. This will allow you the luxury of stepping back and looking at this purchase without the emotion of continued negotiations.
How long will it take to sell my strip club?
It can take several months to match the right buyer for the right business. We have many qualified buyers looking, but your business must be the exact one that appeals to the buyer at this exact time. Not only must your club be just right, the price and terms must fit into our buyer’s ability. The sooner we have a complete package of information about your business, the sooner we can go to work.
What is SOB ordinance / conformance?
SOB ordinance, or Sexually Oriented Business ordinance, is up to each city to enforce. Many cities employ a two-pronged regulation that includes both a zoning ordinance and a licensing scheme. The zoning ordinances define in which particular areas, or zones, within the community SOBs are allowed to operate.